Many in our community are experiencing acute financial needs due to COVID-19. We desire to be a church of which it can be said, “And all who believed were together, and they had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings, and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. (Acts 2:44,45)”

Each week, our elders will be assessing the financial needs of our church, and putting the collective need before the church community using this webpage. Each month the elders will take all the funds raised and collectively discern the best way to steward these funds across the needs which have been previously approved for sharing.

We know many of you stand ready to assist your brothers and sisters in need, and we hope this structured framework of stewardship will give you all-the-more zeal in your generosity. To give toward the needs in our community, please use our online giving platform and select the fund: “Acts 2 Campaign.” You can also contribute by texting “Axis COVID $__” to 73256. As you consider this invitation, please think of this is an offering above-and-beyond your regular generosity to our church. Please don’t pull from your tithe to contribute here. Our church will be stewarding weekly offerings and church reserves toward these needs, and this will be the decision of the elders based on God’s leading and our overall church financial picture.

To be considered for a financial need, please complete our Need Assessment Form. Family units may submit one Need Assessment each month. All funds will be stewarded among the needs of Axis Ministry Partners and active participants in the life of The Axis Church. If you are aware of a need among an active participant in our church who is not yet a Ministry Partner, please make this known by emailing

If you have autoimmune concerns, are a single parent, have limited means of transportation, or – for any other reason – need help with a service/errand during this time, please complete our Service Request Form, and we will coordinate among our church family to meet your need.

Current Need : $345 // Raised : $8,024


  • We assisted a family who experienced loss of job due to COVID-19 in repairing an unexpected appliance failure.