What is Axis North?

Axis North is a core group from The Axis Church that is meeting together weekly and giving prayer-filled discernment to what we believe is God’s call to – one day – plant a church in Hendersonville.

As a 9-year-old church plant, we have always dreamed of being a church that planted other churches in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and beyond. Axis North is the humble beginnings of what we hope God will grow into an established church.

Why Hendersonville?

In 2015, as we surveyed what God was doing in our community we recognized that a large contingency of people gathering with us in Germantown were driving from Hendersonville. As we followed God’s call on our church to multiply we could see him already beginning to form a smaller community within our church family of people from the Hendersonville community. The decision to begin meeting as a core group in Hendersonville was primarily about recognizing what God was already doing within our church and following His good lead.

How is Axis North connected to your Germantown Campus?

In every way, our Axis North core group is part of The Axis Church. We encourage everyone that is part of this core group to continue faithfully gathering with us at our Germantown Campus. All functions of Axis North happen under the leadership of The Axis Church.

When and where do you gather?

We gather Sunday evenings from 4-6pm from people’s homes. On the first and third Sundays of the month we gather for the Word, and on the second and fourth Sundays of the month we gather for friendship and care.

Everything we do is part of God solidifying a people to – one day – mature into an established church.

How do I Get Connected?

Please come experience what God is doing within our Axis North core group. Email our executive director, jason@theaxischurch.org, to learn where we’re meeting this week!