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At an extravagant event in Paris, Huawei launched the P30 Custodia Per Moto Z2 Play Protezione Cover Telefono In Vendita series along with the Freelace Bluetooth earbuds and Huawei smart glasses too. However, the highlight of the wish cover samsung event was the Huawei P30 Pro camera capabilities. Huawei is known to manufacture great cameras in its smartphones as it differenza cover samsung j5 2016 2017 did in the P20 Pro, but this time it managed to make the Huawei P30 Pro camera so star spangled awesome, that it beats every other smartphone to dust. The main sensor is a 40MP wide angle lens, which Huawei calls the SuperSpectrum lens. custodia cover iphone The second one is a 20MP ultra wide angle sensor Genuine Originale Silicone Sottile Custodia Cover per iPhone 8 7 with f/2.2 and the HOT AKA PINK AND GREEN Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 third sensor is an 8MP telephoto lens with 5X optical zoom, which is only possible thanks to the periscope mechanism slim cover samsung j5 of the sensor. Here are some of the things that we GTR LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 like about the Huawei P30 Pro camera. custodia cover samsung custodia cover samsung Higher Light Sensitivity The main 40MP snapper in the "cover samsung a3 2016 10k-100k P30 Pro has an ORIGINALE SILICONE SOTTILE Custodia Cover Per iPhone XS MAX XR X 8 f/1.6 aperture. custodia samsung Its aim is to cover samsung galaxy j5 personalizzate capture more light than previously possible. The company claims that the Huawei P30 Pro camera has an amazing ISO level of over 400,000 which is way higher than a professional grade camera like the Canon 5D Mark IV. This enables the device to take exuberant low light shots where not only the details of the subject are maintained but the colors also don lose their charm and even in pitch black environments, you be able to snap jaw dropping shots. custodia cover iphone You may be thinking, is it possible Three letter answer is nuova cover samsung the RYB. cover samsung note 3 cellular line Huawei P30 camera packs an RYB sensor which is prone to gather more light. Read on to know more about this new sensor P30 Pro is Ultra-Slim Protective Dual Layer Defender Case Cover iPhone Cases the world first smartphone with this tech. iphone hoesje It uses the Red Yellow Blue sensor instead of the traditional Red Green Blue (RGB) that has been in INFINITI LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 use for more than 40 years now. custodia cover huawei The new sensor takes in 40% more light, hence enables GENUINE ORIGINALE SILICONE Sottile Custodia Cover cover samsung galaxy core i8262 FILA SPORT LOGO MARBLE ART Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 per iPhone XS the device to take amazing low light shots. Technically speaking, cameras sensors are always monochrome. However, there is a thing called the Bayer filter that Motorola Moto G5S Plus Back Cover & cover samsung galaxy edge Cases Online:� foto cover samsung galaxy s3 neo reduces the amount of light arriving at the sensors, depending upon its color. This allows the camera to reconstruct an image with all its colors. The camera sensors are fundamentally monochrome, but the Bayer filter attenuates the amount of light arriving at the sensor depending on its color but in turn, the filters limit the amount of light Cover Custodia Cellularline cover samsung per s6 Pro Case Apple Iphone X Manubrio reaching the camera so the image becomes a cover samsung audi bit darker. custodia samsung Huawei used bright filters as a solution to this problem in the Huawei P30 Pro camera. custodia cover iphone Essentially what it did is changed all the green spots of the RGB filter Cubix Back Cover for Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G – Cubix : to the yellow, which let more light in. Doing this, however, required the revamping of the entire camera stack, as Yellow is not the primary color of light. custodia cover samsung custodia iphone The end result Custodia Subacquea Cellulare Sottile Custodia Morbida IPhone Xs of all this is a camera that can see in the dark (well, figuratively ofcourse). The camera has a periscope mechanism which allows moving to and fro to achieve an Leathlux Cover iPhone XR Custodia + Pellicola Protettiva in Vetro optical zoom of 5X. Besides that, it also has a 10X hybrid zoom which shows no degradation of sharpness or the amazon cover samsung galaxi j3 loss of details. Combine this Olixar ExoShield Custodia resistente a scatto Moto G7 – Nero with the information gathered by other camera sensors and you be blown away to know that this Benelli Moto Shop online Cover iPhone "History 1" Benelli Moto beast has a digital zoom of 50X and even then you can notice as much loss in details as we witnessed in the camera comparison of Mate 20 CUSTODIA IPHONE X MIDLAND Motoland Shop Abbigliamento e Accessori Moto Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus. ToF Camera The ToF camera in the P30 Pro can be used for depth mapping and even has AR implications. It could be used for the measurement of real life objects and accurate depth information in portrait shots. What it really does is that it creates layers within a picture to decide the depth and produces results according. In turn, if you cover samsung s6 edge con disegni at a portrait, even the strands of the hair are not blurred out, offering a better separation of subject from Benelli Moto Shop online Cover iPhone "History 58" Benelli Moto the background. custodia cover iphone Moreover, ToF lens in the Huawei P30 Pro camera could also be used KOBE BRYANT BLACK MAMBA LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 to measure the length depth and volume of real life Moto bicicletta borsa custodia telefono titolare cellulare Stand objects with more Custodia Porta Cellulare Impermeabile con Supporto GIVENCHY Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 cover samsung originale s7 edge per Bici e Moto than 98.5% accuracy.