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Deadliest Animals

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If coque telephone samsung galaxie s6 you’ve ever wondered what the likelihood samsung s8 plus coque original of you dying because of an attack from a deadly animal, Reigarw Comparisons has put together a video that ranks what the deadliest animals in the world are, and the results may surprise you.

With movies based on animal attacks being so popular, you might guess coque rouge samsung galaxy s5 that right coque samsung galaxy s6 dragon ball z at the top of the deadliest animals list would be things like sharks and snakes. You’d be samsung galaxy s7 coque dragonne right on snakes they account coque harry potter samsung s8 plus for around 50,000 deaths per year, or roughly one in every 154,000 deaths. That’s a death every 11 minutes. Sharks Not so much. The terror of the seas only accounts for about four deaths a year. That’s one in every 1,930,000,000 deaths, or one every three months. Moose kill more people every year than sharks do. In fact, cows account for five times the deaths that sharks accumulate 20 per year, or one in every 385,000,000. According coque etui s7 samsung animayx to the comparison, man’s best friend may not actually be that good of a friend after all. Dogs are responsible for 25,000 deaths per coque thor samsung galaxy note 8 year. That’s a death every 21 minutes, or coque protection samsung galaxy s8 plus 0ne in etui coque samsung s7 edge every 308,000 deaths per year.

What coque samsung s8 silicone avec dessin you really need to watch out for are the microbial threats things like Tapeworm (700 deaths per year) and Roundworm (4,500 deaths per year). Insects make regular appearances on the chart. Spiders are pretty low with only seven deaths per year, ants with 30, bees with 53, and scorpions at 3,200 deaths per year. The Tsetse fly beats even their combined scores thanks to the sleeping sickness that they carry, which claims 10,000 lives each year.

It should be no surprise that humans coque samsung galaxy s7 violet are at the top of the list. The chart scored only murders and coque avant et arriere samsung s7 homicides (no wars or accidental deaths), yet still humans account for 435,000 deaths coque note 8 samsung motif each year. But the deadliest creature that you could run into That would be the mosquito. These pesky flying bugs transmit a number coque samsung s7 edge violet of illnesses that claim many lives 725,000 per year. Every 43 seconds, someone dies from disease transmitted by a mosquito.

The video is an interesting comparison, and worth the watch. There are plenty of other animals that you may have expected, and some that you probably queen coque samsung galaxy s6 didn’t. So watch the video and then watch out for these deadly animals…