Coque de protection pour samsung a5 2017 iPhone 6 Tips and Tricks-coque armor samsung s9-lsvteq

iPhone 6 Tips and Tricks

It is also recommended to Restart or reset your iPhone 6 first if something wrong before attempting to factory reset. This will also force your apps to quit.

Restart iPhone. Hold down coque samsung a50 pour fille the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPhone. To turn iPhone back on, hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

If you just coque samsung a50 bouddha got your new iPhone 6, you never coque originale samsung a20e want to leave it sitting blankly for even coque kawaii samsung a10 an hour. You even want to use it till its battery gone dead. It common for Apple users to get fascinated and hooked with iDevices cool features. If you are that addicted, saving your battery life could perhaps give you another hour of gaming spree and even lengthen your devices life. Here are some few things though that you must know on how to save battery samsung galaxy j3 2016 coque 3d life on your iDevices.

1. Turn off vibrate feature when playing games. Avoid playing intensive video games as this will kill your battery quickly.

2. You might not know this, but by adjusting your devices volume to low or none at all, you are eventually saving a small amount of battery life. Go to Settings menu, select General and head on to Sounds to adjust your devices sound system.

3. Just like computers, keeping your iDevices screen at maximum brightness will consume more battery life. Adjust your samsung galaxy a5 2017 coque simpson screen settings to low by going to Settings and select Brightness and Wallpaper to change the default level of brightness.

4. Switch to Airplane mode when you don need to use the internet. Airplane mode basically turns off both Wi Fi and the regular wireless radio. However this will also prevent calls from lot de coque samsung a8 2018 coming in. If you just playing samsung a10 coque animal a regular game and doesn want any coque verre samsung j3 2017 disturbances (like a phone call perhaps), might as well switch to coque a70 samsung bleu Airplane mode to save battery life.

5. 3G connection uses up more battery life compared to Wi Fi. So if possible, use Wi Fi especially on hotspot instead of 3G. According to Apple, iPhone on the other hand gets 10 hours for Wi Fi and only 6 hours for 3G.

6. Disable Bluetooth radio when not needed. Go to Settings, then General and Bluetooth to switch off.

7. Turn off Push Notifications. Every time you get notifications from Facebook , Twitter or any apps your using, you also consuming your battery life. If you can check those apps manually, you can turn off the notifications by heading to Settings, Notifications and switch to off to save a bit of battery life.

8. Set your screens to lock quickly when not in use. Go to General; select Auto Lock to set your screen to lock quickly before you put it back on your pocket or bag.

9. Keep your devices out of the sun or any hot surfaces. Heat kills batteries quickly.

With its sleek and stunning features, iPhone 6 is surely one of the best of its kind. Apple has finally connected iPhone to the fastest cellular data network called the LTE. Uploads, data download, internet browsing is faster than you think even when it not on WiFi connection. Nevertheless, here are few steps on how you can turn on/off your wifi settings on your mighty iPhone 6.

1. On your iPhone 6 device, press on the Settings icon.

2. Select on WiFi on the menu options.

3. Now there a switch button on top of your screen. If you click on that, it turn on the coque de telephone samsung a6 disney Wifi Settings in blue color. Press the same button to turn coque samsung a7 rose off WiFi.

4. Take note that when you turn on your WiFi settings, it will search for coque totoro samsung a40 available networks in the local coque vert samsung a10 area.

Ask coque samsung a20e le roi lion to join networks: Turn on to Join Networks to be prompted when a Wi Fi network is available. Otherwise, you must manually join a network when a previously used network isn available.

Forget a network: Tap ‘i’ icon next to a network you joined before. Then tap this Network.

Join a closed Wi Fi network: Tap Other, then enter the name of the closed network. You must already know the coque samsung a40 soleil network name, security type, and password (if required).

Adjust the settings for a Wi Fi network: Tap ‘i’ icon next to a network. You can set an HTTP proxy, define static network settings, turn on BootP, or renew the settings provided by a DHCP server…