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How to Make Your Own Facebook Avatars

Facebook just released the Bitmoji version of the social media platform, which lets you create avatars with your face. The Facebook Avatar feature is now rolling out to most of the users and you can create custom stickers right from your smartphone using this. The customizable Avatars on Facebook is more like Bitmoji, but you cannot compare it with the Animoji or Memoji on your iPhone.

In this article, we will walk coque iphone 5 multicolor you through coque silicone samsung j5 2017 the complete guide to start using Facebook Avatar from your smartphone and PC.

Facebook as already started rolling out the avatar feature for users almost all over the globe. The feature is aimed to let users create their own versions of drawn avatars and use stickers with different coque iphone 5 renault head pose and messages.

The Facebook Avatars, in effect, is an advanced replica of Snapchat Bitmoji, coque j5 2016 samsung disney that lets you create your own Bitmoji characters. After creating you can use the Avatar stickers coque samsung j3 2016 oreille a paillete all over your Facebook feed and comment on posts with the stickers having your face. You can easily make your own Avatar on Facebook using the iOS or Android app for Facebook.

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Go to the comment box of any post in your timeline.

Tap on the Sticker icon right next to the comment box.

Choose the icon (the diy coque iphone 4 purple colored icon) at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the Your Avatar button to get started with making your own avatar.

Tap Started from the next window.

Choose your facial characteristics, skin tone, hairstyle, etc. to make the Avatar look like you. This step might be easier for you if you are already familiar with making Animoji coque samsung galaxy j5 kawaii and Bitmoji that look like you.

Tap on the checkmark button on the top right corner to save your Facebook Avatar.

Tap Done after finishing up making your own Avatar on Facebook.

You can tap on the icon to see all the available avatar stickers.

Apart from making the Facebook Avatar from the comment, box, you can also try the Avatar coque samsung j5 bob marley creator section on your Facebook app. Follow the below steps to enter the Avatar section.

Tap the Sticker icon or smiley icon on the right edge.

Tap Avatar sticker on the popup window.

Choose coque iphone 4 squishy the sticker you want to post as the comment from the Avatar stickers coque j5 2016 samsung harry potter collection.

There are over coque iphone 4s roma 35 various stickers with different expressions and texts on Facebook Avatar, like Bitmoji on Snapchat.

How coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 garcon to Edit Your Facebook Avatar

You might not have a clear cut idea about how to put things right in Facebook Avatar while recreating your own face. Sometimes, coque iphone 4s union jack it needs someone else to point out what coque iphone 5 refermable personnalisable just went wrong with the Avatar you made. During such times, you must be looking coque iphone 5 cartoon for an option to change certain characteristics of your Facebook Avatar. There is an edit option for your Avatar. Here is how to Edit Facebook Avatar from your smartphone.

Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Go to the Menu tab from the app.

Scroll down and expand the menu by tapping More. to see the already created Avatar of yours.

Tap on the edit button (pencil icon) on the screen.

Now you will be directed to the avatar maker window with the existing Avatar. You can make necessary changes to make it look more like you.

Tap on checkmark coque iphone 4s stylé when you finish editing.

Your Avatar stickers will be updated with new changes after you save the newly edited avatar. Unlike Animoji on iOS, you cannot create multiple Avatar on your Facebook account…