Our Sunday Gathering is where we gather as a church family to remind one-another of the hope we have through the finished work of Jesus! All are welcome – those who believe Jesus as well as those who do not. The Christian life is a journey in believing, and we are all on different parts of the path. What should I expect at a Sunday Gathering?

Axis Communities are the main vehicle for community, care, and friendship with our church. The life of our church family happens in these smaller weekly gatherings. We encourage first-time guests and long-time partners alike to be involved in the life of an Axis Community. Axis Communities meet throughout the week across the city, and you can see days, times, and leader contact information on our Axis Community page.

Throughout the year we host Community events to build friendships and invite others into our community. Check out our calendar to see what events are coming up!

A church is a family endeavor, and we all contribute to the life of our church-family. Each Sunday over 50 people help us direct our gatherings. We encourage first-time guests and long-time friends alike to contribute to the life of our church by serving our community. There are so many ways you can serve our church: facility prep, hospitality, security, parking, children’s ministry, audio/visual, etc… Use our Serve Form to find a fit and cadence that is right for you!

Axis Equip is our umbrella for all the ways we facilitate continued theological education and spiritual formation with our people. This includes seminars, discussion groups, conferences, Bible studies, and more. Check out our church calendar to see what Equip events are coming up and enjoy previous Equip sessions on our online video library!

“For The City” is our umbrella for the different ministry endeavors that contribute to human flourishing in our city. Visit our For The City page to learn about the ways our church community is working to make our city a better place for all peoples to live and flourish.

Discipleship Cohorts are the primary means of discipleship with our church. Cohorts are gender-specific, small groups (3-4) that exist to help our people become fully-formed, fully-known disciples of Jesus. Sign-up for a group at theax.is/cohorts, or email Jason Hermansdorfer, Executive Director, to learn more about getting connected with a group.

We view partnership with a local church as a Biblically-implied and spiritually-wise commitment for all Christians. There are no perfect churches, and – if you stay around long enough – there will be something that disappoints you. We must remember that community isn’t something we find, community is something we create over time as we love one-another through the ups and downs of life. Partnership with a local church is a commitment that helps us persevere in community even when we don’t want to. For questions about partnering with our church please email Jason Hermansdorfer, Executive Director.

Deacons are the servant-leaders of the Church, and the role of deacon and deaconess is a Biblically-mandated (Acts 6) component of church leadership. We raise up deacons and deaconesses to lead specific areas of our church for a specific period of time. You can see who is currently serving our church in this important way on our Leadership page.

Our Pastoral Leadership Collective (PLC) is our annual leadership track for training men to lead in Jesus’ Church. This year-long endeavor serves to help men discern their leadership-calling in the church. The main focus of our PLC is understanding Biblical eldership and learning how to preach the Gospel in all of Scripture. Not all the men who graduate from our PLC will become elders (in fact, most will not), but no one will be ordained as an elder of our church without completing our PLC.

Church Planting is a high value of our church. We desire to plant churches and support church plants throughout Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and beyond! We currently support church planting in three ways: (1) we give generously and faithfully to church-plants (2) we offer a monthly fellowship called Third Thursdays which aims to provide camaraderie, encouragement, and practical ministry wisdom to church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders in our area, and (3) we provide a church-planting residency program for church-planters to come alongside our leadership team for a season to learn and grow with us before they set out to plant a new church.  To learn more about any of these ministry areas please email Jason Hermansdorfer, our executive director.