Walking into a new church can be intimidating and at times terrifying depending on your previous church experience.  If you are considering attending one of our worship gatherings, we pray that you would take the vulnerable step and come check it out!  We can’t fully describe what you will experience, but at least we can try to give you an idea of what to expect.

We gather in a warehouse space near downtown Nashville. On a Sunday you might see people in a suit and tie, others in a t-shirt and shorts, and a lot in between.  We believe that God doesn’t expect us to clean ourselves up before we come to Him and that we are His church; so we discourage religious-pretending and encourage folks to “come as you are.” Our worship gatherings usually last around 90 minutes and include worship through music, catechism, the preaching of God’s Word, prayer, and communion.  We also periodically celebrate through believer’s baptism.

Our prayer for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed and loved and that you wouldn’t leave the building thinking about how cool our artwork was, how funny the preacher was, or how awesome the guitar player in the band was. We want you to leave our gathering amazed at God’s radical love expressed through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

If you don’t remember anything when you leave our gathering except how radically awesome Jesus is, we view that as a huge success!

During each gathering The Axis Church family is encouraged to participate in the following ways:

God’s word is being read, sung, and preached. Sincerely listen with your heart. Ask God to help you ”hear” the word, to help you believe, and to change you through His Spirit.

Engage and follow along with the Read and Response. This is a learning method that has been used by the Church for thousands of years.

Worship God through singing about Him and to Him. The single largest book of the Bible is a songbook–the Psalms. Like reading, join your voice. Remember that singing is commanded over and over in the scriptures; this is something we’re called to do. Celebrate truth by agreeing in your hearts as you sing with your family! Don’t be stiff. We encourage clapping, singing loudly, raising your hands, etc. based on your personality. If you scream, clap, and jump around at sporting events, your worshiping through song should not be much different!

As you hear songs, prayers, verses, and listen to the sermon, be engaged. Think about the impact and affect that these truths have on your life. How might God be using someone to speak to you? Don’t miss an opportunity to hear His voice.

Don’t be scared to agree vocally with the wonderful truths you will hear at our gathering. Don’t be caught off guard when the person sitting next to you responds to the preached Word with an “Amen”, “preach”, “yes!” etc.

Reach out to someone. Seek to be a source of encouragement. The purpose of our gathering is to encourage one another, to build each other up in love. Pursue new faces. Remember how intimidating it can be to visit a new church. Ask names, shake hands, thank people for coming, invite them to lunch and your Axis Community, etc.

Remember that God has promised to gather with us. Remember that we can approach the throne of grace with confidence because of the blood of Jesus. Remember that Jesus leads our worship before God’s throne. Engage with Him as we engage with one another. Pray against distractions, pray for God to save the lost, pray for God to change hearts in radical ways.



Germantown : Sundays at 9am + 11am





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